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PERIGONIC presentation innovation & benefits

PERIGONIC field test


…can’t take the eyes off of you…

Innovation  &  Benefits 


- The proof of technical concept –

Regardless of which direction you watch the PERIGONIC from – the same perfect image is visible for everybody at the same time

What’s new?


The PERIGONIC is a cylindrical screen which displays the same visual content regardless of where (0-360°) a spectator is looking at it.
People can drive by walk, sit and stand around the PERIGONIC and still see the same image or video optimally aligned towards them, uninterrupted and without overlapping screens.

The current prototype is mechanical which is, in many respects, unfavorable therefore, development is aiming at a fully electronic device using LCD/LED technology. 

This is a UNIQUE product for various global and growing markets.

Possible applications of the PERIGONIC

  • Central screen in sports halls, music concerts and public events
  • Central screen in conference-rooms
  • Museum display
  • Digital out of home
  • Advertising, product presentation and digital signage 
  • Annunciator panels at airports, train stations and other public transports
  • Stock exchange, market halls and control centers 
  • Sports- and gaming-bars
  • Architecture


The PERIGONIC is revolutionary at all points. The core of the idea fulfills a basic need of humanity.


Humans are social and interacting creatures. A group of people meet up spontaneously and unconstrained around a center.

The centric constellations help groups to better interact and to present something fascinating in the center. Examples for the usage of centric constellations are arrangements in livings rooms, people around a street artist or sports stadiums.

The wave is so much fun because every person sitting in the stadium is part of the action -  in a circular and community supporting arrangement.

These natural benefits of a circular arrangement are represented in the concept of the PERICONIC. The concept is at the same time the enhancement of the two-dimensional screen as well as the evolution of a centric screen object.



Features, Benefits and USPs

 – that’s why the PERIGONIC will ensure

market success:


  • Unique appearance and orthoscopic content of the PERIGONIC will achieve longer customer-eye-contacts with a higher intensity and quality compared to standard screen systems
  • Commercial content will be more effective and therefore the economic benefit will increase significantly
  • Corresponding effects are valid in other possibilities of use and markets
  • The PERIGONIC will take most advantage of the location where it is set up


The benefits shown here provide extreme potential and unique characteristics to separate the product from the known market of screens and commercial displays:


  • Iconic appearance creates maximum attention in 360°viewing-angle.
  • New technology, innovation and an unseen image ideal to express your vision for luxury and high level products
  • Self-tracking / self-aligning content => focusing on the individual observer   => strengthening the content and ensures highest attention
  • Possibility of showing different content at the same time leading in diverse directions
  • Different versions offer two different modes: no limits concerning indoor/outdoor, day or night -> usage 24/7
  • System can be used for near and far distances
  • If you are close to the screen you can create special effects: e.g. three-dimensional objects (360°-computer-animated content or 360°-video-recorded content) that you can walk around with no need of glasses, interactive content 2D / 3D, target-advertising…


As a result, Customers will be willing to accept the higher price compared to a common screen system.  Patent rights will protect the system and the concept for years.

Simulation of the PERIGONIC in use


This is the PERIGONIC in an environment of a flagship store.  The dimensions of the cylindrical shaped system in this example are as follows: total height of 2 meters and diameter of 0.9 meters. 55” visible screen in all directions.

All persons in the shop can have a perfect, orthoscopic view regardless of their position in the store. If you are passing by, it seems, the content is tracking you. In this example, the woman’s eyes are focusing you all the time and all the other spectators simultaneously.

In comparison to the PERIGONIC a common digital display system shows content usually in one or two directions. If a spectator is located in an unideal position, he only can see a squeezed and distorted image - which of course does not look very natural.

Comparison of PERIGONIC and common digital display effected by different viewing angles

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